Citrine and moonstone set‏
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Citrine and Moonstone Set or Necklace‏


Featured Gemstone: Citrine

Necklace Length: 18inches


Product Description

Citrine is the birthstone for November, which might seem a little bit odd since it’s known as the sunshine stone. But even when the days are short and the nights draw in, you can bring some light to your life in the form of this lovely gemstone which emulates the warmth and glow of the sun. Even though the sun and moon are rarely seen together, I’ve put some delicate  faceted moonstone rondelles between the citrine rounds. The colour of the citrine stones in this design are quite dark – resembling amber  – but there are also light areas in some of them, matching the white of the moonstone. The necklace is 18 inches long (46cms).


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