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Large blue/teal pearls and blue apatite necklace or set


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Product Description

Teal is one of my favourite colours… but unfortunately not that easy to find in the gemstone world. But pearls never let me down – I can find them in just about every colour. I didn’t want to use a contrasting colour with these lovely, large pearls so I decided to team them with complementary “saucers” of blue apatite.  It’s not one of the most known gemstones, but apatite is very popular in crystal healing. It is said to increase motivation and enhance creativity and the intellect. Apatite is also good for bones and teeth and believed to improve arthritis and joint problems.  Even though it sounds just like a word you don’t want to have too much of if you’re on a diet,  apatite is said to be a slimmer’s friend. It is believed to help suppress hunger and raise the metabolic rate and to help achieve goals. The necklace measures just over 17 inches (44cms) and is finished with a rose gold plated sterling silver bolt ring clasp. The metal used in the earrings is also rose gold plated sterling silver.