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Large blue/turquoise pearl and apatite necklace or set


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Product Description

This set is similar to the blue/teal pearl and apatite set, but I’ve interspersed the slightly lighter pearls here – in one of this season’s top colours – with apatite rounds (4mm)  rather than the saucer shapes. This necklace is measuring 18.5 inches (47 cms) and finished with a rose gold plated sterling silver clasp. I’ve used the same precious metal in the earrings but put the pearls on an earring post (with butterfly backs) rather than shepherds hooks – which make them hang closer to the earlobe. Apatite is very popular in crystal healing. It is said to increase motivation and enhance creativity and the intellect. Apatite is also good for bones and teeth and believed to improve arthritis and joint problems.  Despite sounding like appetite, the gemstone is said to be a slimmer’s friend. It is believed to help suppress hunger and raise the metabolic rate and to help achieve goals.