Sapphire, Iolite and pearls set‏
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Sapphire, Iolite and Pearls Set or Necklace‏


Featured Gemstone: Sapphire and Pearl

Necklace Length: 18inches


Product Description

Now this is a pretty special necklace. I can’t really describe the gemstones between the pearls as “spacers” because that wouldn’t do them justice – we’re talking decent sized sapphires and iolite here!
The darker, larger rondelles are sapphires – a precious gemstone that should need no further introduction – while the smaller ones are iolite, Both gemstones are birthstones for September.
Apparently, my Viking anchestors used iolite for navigation on cloudy days. Its pleochroism – the way it shows different colours when viewed in different directions – meant it acted as a polarizing filter, allowing seafarers to determine the position of the sun.
Clever people, those Vikings!

One of my real favourites, this necklace measures in at just under 18ins (45cm).


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