Eye of the Tiger Collection

Eye of the tiger (Tigers eye collection)‏

Not many of us have looked a tiger in the eye… but I’m lead to believe that the gemstone featured in this collection resembles the eye of this big, wild cat – hence its name. So rest assured, no animal was hurt in the making of this collection. Tigers eye is a very popular gemstone. Mainly found in South Africa, USA, Australia and India, it has many positive properties. Tigers eye is said to relieve high blood pressure and is helpful for repairing broken bones. It is a protective stone – believed to protect you during your travels. (Roman soldiers often wore it to protect them during battles.) Tigers eye is also said to help balance and clear emotions and can contribute to a calm mind and peaceful disposition. But the fact the gemstone looks beautiful is a good enough reason to wear it. I tend to use it on its own, but if you want tigers eye mixed with pearls or other gemstones, please get in touch and I can create something that’s just right for you.

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