Serenity - Calming Blues

Every year the fashion and design industries eagerly await the announcement of Pantone Color Institute’s colour of the year – a choice which affects colour trends in fashion and interiors. Last year two colours were chosen – Rose Quartz and Serenity.
Rose quartz is a warm, romantic soft pink shade and Serenity – a cool and calming cornflower/violet blue. The two colours are naturally compatible – reminiscent of a summer evening sky. Pantone’s choices for 2016 are colours I use a lot in my jewellery – especially bridal jewellery. Rose quartz is a very popular gemstone and looks beautiful on its own or teamed with white pearls. I also like using blue gemstones like tanzanite, blue chalcedony and iolite to offer “something blue”.

Exclusive tanzanite is found in only one location – at the foothill of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. December’s birthstone, alongside turquoise and blue topaz, is believed to relieve stress and depression – and bring harmony.
Blue Chalcedony is a creative stone and is believed to stimulate the ability to learn new languages and improve memory. The stone is said to enhances the immune system and to lower temperature and blood pressure.
Iolite is September’s birthstone along with sapphire. The Vikings used iolite to navigate on cloudy days. Its pleochroism – the way it shows different colours when viewed in different directions – meant it acted as a polarizing filter, allowing seafarers to determine the position of the sun. Iolite is said to help detoxify and regenerate the liver.

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