Moonstone Collection

moonstone 057

I suppose most people welcome the arrival of June because it usually means warmer weather and that your summer holiday is just around the corner. But to me June is also the month when I can pay one of my favourite gemstones, moonstone, some extra attention. The mystical gemstone is, alongside pearl, the birthstone for June. It’s a stone popular for its beauty and its healing properties. Moonstone is considered a stone of protection, love, luck and fertility. It is believed to help calm emotions and relieve stress. But it’s the gem’s optical properties that I’m attracted to. Some of the rounds I’ve used in this collection do really look like the moon with their shimmering, reflective surfaces.The soft blue light seen within the gemstone is called adularescense.
The phenomenon is light refracting from the various feldspar layers that moonstone is made up of.

In India moonstone is considered a sacred stone. It’s often given as a wedding gift believed to bring harmony, and create a more loving relationship.

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