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Labradorite and iolite necklace – mystical and mythical


Product Description

This necklace is made with beautiful labradorite and iolite gemstones. The 12mm labradorite rounds are faceted and separated by denim blue iolite rondelles. The labradorite stones sparkle when light hits the facets and the colour play – also called labradorescence or “schiller” – shows flashes of greens, blues and gold. The necklace measures 48 cms (19 inches) and is finished with a rose gold-coated sterling silver bolt ring clasp.

Labradorite is a mystical and protective stone. It is believed to reduce anxiety and stress, lower blood pressure and treat rheumatism. It is also said to be good for metabolism and digestion and to help with creativity and concentration.
Iolite is September’s birthstone along with sapphire. The Vikings used iolite for navigation on cloudy days. Its pleochroism – the way it shows different colours when viewed in different directions – meant it acted as a polarizing filter, allowing seafarers to determine the position of the sun. Iolite is said to help detoxifying and regenerate the liver.