Zambian amethyst bracelet with heart charms


Product Description

This bracelet is made with beautiful Zambian amethyst rounds (8mm). Zambian amethyst has a very vibrant  colour and is the most valuable of amethysts. The stones are thread onto an elastic cord. A sterling silver charm bead covers the knot in the elastic. An amethyst heart and a sterling silver heart charm are attached to the charm bead. The bracelet measures about 19 cms (just under 7.5 inches) and matching earrings are available.

Amethyst, February’s birthstone, is a very popular gemstone – both for its beauty and for its properties. In crystal healing, amethyst is believed to ease pain, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and be good for the heart, skin, lungs, headaches, arthritis and insomnia. Known as “nature’s tranquilizer”, it is also said to bring contentment, calm and peace and to help remove bad habits.