Snow and Ice - Quartz Collectioon

Maybe it’s because it’s one of my birthstones, along with diamonds, but quartz is among my favourite gemstones… or maybe it’s because clear quartz reminds me of the snow and ice of my Scandinavian home land. Having grown up in Norway, I’m rather fond of the cold elements. I’ve even been known to visit the local indoor ice rink here in North-east England if the mercury was rising too high for my liking, although I haven’t felt the need for the past few years!
I love the way light reflects off the crackle quartz stones, like the sun off the snow. In my quartz collection, there is jewellery made from gemstones resembling icicles and snowballs. And while most of the collection is colourless, I’ve added some blue quartz in there. Blue sky and white snow… is there a more beautiful combination? It’s no coincidence that I picked blue and white for my logo